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December the Fourth

Do we ever come close? Why we ever reach the end?
If we never come close to our ideals, the trying must be the goal. And to Cometh, trying is taken to another level. To her, there is no honour in stopping. There is no gratitude in giving in. There is no victory in reaching your goals. Rather, you must keep coming closer and closer and closer.

And so, when the Silence ended, Cometh joined the conversation along with all the rest, but when many of them were tired on the third day, Cometh was still there, talking at them with vehement words, arguing why they were there if they didn’t want to talk. Why they were so insistent on the first days yet stopped and got tired. If they really wanted her, Cometh, who didn’t know a way to end, to decide all that mattered.
She stared at them all on that fourth day, as they all growled back, tired of her barking. She wasn’t barking up a tree, though. Others were still there, wanting their piece of it.
The demanding few, who didn’t want to give up, and who didn’t agree with Cometh, were still there, and they talked until the light was grey, and they went back to their beds and they woke up and got back to the hall to continue.

Cometh was at the forefront of deciding when they ate. She was the founder of the order of who cleaned up afterwards, and she was there when they all made tasks for them to do with the paper, the boxes and the string they found in the back. There were huge room full of the stuff, yet they didn’t know what to do with it. No one had told them. The Silence had just ended. So they used it for what made sense, made small little signs that posted what was for dinner, and who was on cleaning duty. They began to map out the spaces and find out who slept where, how far it was for each to walk to where and catalogue the colours of the walls.

When the others stopped because it seemed fruitless, or when someone didn’t want to do the work they were given, it was up to Cometh. It was up to her to make sense of it all, to round up all these silly fools who didn’t know what they wanted. Not because she had a plan. Not because she wanted their silliness to end. Not because she wanted things to work or understand what the Noise was or why the Silence had ended.
No, because she knew that the work itself was the giver, and she saw no reason to stop just because the rest of them didn’t get that. It was the fourth day since their awakening, and they were going to find out what was going on soon. They better.

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