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December the Third
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December the First

December the Second

From woke up as the first on the first day, but as the last on the second. He had been up most of the night, and hadn’t seen much to sleep. It almost felt foreign to him, even though he had slept for so long through the Silence.
This time, sleep felt like nothing he’d done before, though. It was strange, tiring, almost like he hadn’t slept at all. Yet, his bed was messy and he had laid in it. He had been there, for a very long time.
His name was From, not because he was from anywhere, but rather because he was from everywhere. He’s the From that comes first, the beginning of the sentence, the loudest, quietest moment, the implied causality, the whispered idea. His nature wasn’t one to barge out loud, and he wasn’t one to scream, but he was there until the talking stopped, and he was there after. Mostly because he simply was. The From comes first, they say, yet the From comes last as well—it stays, and lingers, across the room, listening to the Noise.

From’s opinion of the Noise wasn’t determined yet. He comes to it as the time goes by, the past making sense of the future, like a shadow tracing after the owner—an afterimage. From what, they ask? Yet, From doesn’t concern itself with wherefrom. It is from somewhere, and it will stay.

On the second day, From spent the time observing the others, watching them figure out how to deal with the new noise around them. It was just the Noise, in fact; the newness came because it was in contrast to what was before: It wasn’t a new noise. It was just the Noise. They knew that, yet they could not say how. It came from the Silence and broke the Silence, and thus it must be the Noise. That was From’s conclusion. Yet, he was interested in seeing how the others fared with this different way of life. He didn’t worry too much about survival, he was always from somewhere, so there was always somewhere else to go.

He did not like the cameras. They felt wrong to him. He couldn’t determine where they were from, he couldn’t tell who used them. The Noise came from the Silence, but the cameras? They were silent, that was true, but the Silence didn’t need cameras. Right?
Yet, his mind was not one to decide, it was one to listen and understand. He would watch, and learn, and hopefully, he would one day know what the world wanted from them.

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