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It wasn’t like Song disagreed. Their devotion was just stronger than the rest. What were they to do?
The others were shouting and fighting on those first two days, and so, they joined: The Cloud That Speaks, the Self-Appointed Source, the Awakened Song. Song, as they called themselves, were tired of all the petty fights and wanted to jump onto the bigger issues.
The rest were arguing about where to sit and how they should divide up the food and who should do what work, yet Song wanted to discuss what the Noise was—what had happened to the Silence, and who was to blame for their awakening. There were more important questions, and so Song were left by themselves, resting in the literature, hoping that some day, the rest would cease to bother with trivialities.

So Song read, and Song learned. There was something to it all, to the libraries that had been given to them, to the pointed landscapes on the paintings, to the white earth and the crimson skies, clouded by brushes, folded by someone’s mind.
And on this, the third day, Song learned an important lesson. Time moved according to a schedule, and it was about to turn night again. The colour of the lights, strips along the corridors, was the give-away. It turned from grey, to yellow, to blue, to red, and back to grey. They tried convincing the others of this, and some paid attention, but many were too busy.

Song wanted to leave. They wanted to know what was outside—if there was an outside as shown in the paintings. They wanted to know what else the world had to offer. And they wanted to know what they were meant to do, not what lay in front of them as obvious ought’s. The answers, since there were none here, must be elsewhere.
There was a lot of things to know, a world to learn, and it would take time to do so. Yet, Song got the increasing suspicion that time, contrary to during the Silence, was not an infinite resource, now, under the Noise. They better figure out what was going on and what they were supposed to do before they lost the ability to.

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