December the Twenty-third

I see now that I was wrong.
I must admit that now, this one day before their time is over. I thought they had no chance. Not without me.
Yet now, here they are. They understood it all without anyone to tell them. They interpreted the Noise, the untranslatable, the insatiable, and wasn’t scared away, but rather tried to help it. They tried—they’re trying—to do the right thing, to make it up to even one person who sought hope from the most hopeful of places.

They started a large-scale creation operation and began making any and all the things on the board. They began wrapping them and writing names. Others scattered around in the Up Above, shouting down orders that were easy to make, that they had the tools for, making them in bulk, while others scanned through the surveillance cameras and found quick routes to what they did not yet have. Runners were sent out to gather the tools and they brought them back in large carts driven by animals or themselves or motors they haphazardly constructed, then later rewired into model cars, into computers, into radios and microchips.

Their ingenuity was something to be admired, for sure, even if they were so, so far less efficient than they used to be. They came up with new ways I’d never imagined them capable of.
Cometh was in charge of tracking everything, holding large schematics in her head, and Wayside ran and built and ran again, while From was in the observatory watching cameras and Song wrote cards and drew and sang, and finally, Glass, was at the front of those in the Up Above, organizing all the names into groups of orders they all used to make sense of it all, to organize their materials into useful stacks, to know they needed to make this many of that and these many of those.
It all made sense. It was all smart and clever of them to do.

Yet, there was no way they could ever reach their goal in time. No way they could finish what they should spend a month on in two days.
They were aware of the intake dial now, too, and they knew that if they ever began running dry, they’d always be able to find more. There were always more.
They needed to come to terms with the fact that they could never get there in time. And the entire world would be disappointed, just like I have learned. As always there is only one truth. The Noise will win.
And then they will lose hope. When they realize that the Silence left them not to wake them up, but to finally let them rest, now that the world no longer needs them.
Now that the world is about to end.