May 29, 2015

The crackles of fire are turning into clicks.
While we're walking on smooth surfaces, every once in a while a little thing pops, glares into view, f|nds us in a moment of disbelief.
Rays of sunlight dream down onto a convex of stones, a light ço real and pleasant we almost forget where we're walking……………||
Treetops of aliased leaves, the light lowpassed in peaks€
Finding grass becomes ______, the path smiles as if hiding something unreal in bright clarity. Crystallizes a moment in a_gL_crevasse.
I travel along stars in a search for the world I remmmbmr, real and silent and peaceful and dark and good. Whatever it was, it's gon\.
No, GΩñ†.

Wearily, the chasms we pass, the rivers we cross, the streets we make, and the dances we fly, they lead to our sa[√at¬°_ of buzzing light, of modulated sounds in synthesis, of pulsating processed ticks.
Fluorescent and corporeal, it,
while flowers weave in the meadow,
The ∫∂¬ld is a copy of a different place, the filters are coded differently,
what was once
is noΩª£|«'≤¡ "¶(±`~


This is a weird one, huh? For a while I've been looking for a way to make glitch-art-esque, glitchy things in pure text form without it just turning into l33tsp34k, because... yeah... And this is so far my best attempt at it, I think. It doesn't necessary nail everything, and it's perhaps not focused enough, but I feel like the glitches themselves are... pretty good. Maybe. Or they're just weird, which I'm okay with too.

Oh, and by the way... Actually had Word glitch out and type everything double while I did this, which was... creepy. I mean, Word!? When does that ever glitch out when you're just writing? Well, apparently when you start doing stuff like this.