I Deal in Mirrors

Prose Poetry
January 11, 2017

Glass I offer, splendid shining reflections upon a still water frame.
A world is behind you, details in your hidden skin, refractions of tears shed happiness and fame.
Reflections, I can show you, of a world in which everything exists, of a place outside your dreams, beside you, falling by your back in folds of cloth, stranded on a wooden floor.
I will do nothing but grant you the ability to see, but what
comes only from your limitations.
I will present you with a clue, and inside lies a realm of forgotten words, a spectacle of rising thoughts, banging against walls, shattering diamonds.
Beware, there is a monster hidden square away, through a frameless window, packed between hearts and iron. But I vow that you do not need worry. Cast away your fear and forget your doubts. There is naught that shall haunt you in the world through the glass.
I spy a secret lying in there, waiting for you to find it. A gem of truth sparkling in the eyes of kings, dreamt up by sirens spinning long garments of silver. The glass hides it all, but through it, you can see.

Revel in the mystery, spark your own desires upon the half-broken whim of a tyrant’s crown, a judge’s mane, a merchant’s headdress. Find yourself in a different frame, one of creation and damnation, one that can both end the world and cure it of sickly skin.
Jump through to a world wherein your spectres become both what they are and what they cannot be.
I offer you the simple tools to witness your soul. I sell glass and I sell much. You can come and dream, share your desires and fall into a hopeful gaze, longing after the palaces inside frames.
Come dream with me, it’s free. But glass—
Glass you have to pay for.


I've been sitting on this on a whiiile. But I know I should upload more of these things, so I promise more'll pop up during 2017 than what I did in 2016. Because that was outright pitiful.

Anyways, the piece. Boy, this has a very specific reference I ain't gonna spoil unless you guess it (the image is a hint), but safe to say it's from something I enjoy very, very much. Who and what it's about it therefore also a bit of a mystery, but there's still ample to dig into, I hope. I might be too obscure, but eh, I don't really mind. Hope you enjoyed it anyway!