The Progenitor of a Curse

Flash Fiction?

January 14, 2016

Imagine if a curse wasn’t created by a misdoing, an undone event, or a hanging thread?
Imagine if a curse wasn’t created intentionally, out of malice, or by accident?

What if a curse happened when everything was going according to plan?
What if a story progressed exactly as it should and still, everyone got cursed?

What if you drove along a highway, on your way home from a nice dinner with your sister, and everything in the world turned to fog?
The trees looming, floating around you in a grey soup, your lights eerie and haunting as they shone up just a meter ahead of you. Everything disappears, fades into the mush that envelops you, into that great expanse among you.
Even then, would you consider it to be just fog?

What if it turned red?

Would you still not believe yourself to be cursed?
Would you still consider your life to be the most ordinary series of events?

And then you drive out, take that right with the sign you recognize and see light ahead of you, welcoming, familiar street lights bathe before you, illuminating the fog in lazy spheres.

Then you would shrug it off and say that it was nothing.
Because it was, wasn’t it?
Just fog. A minor setback on the road of life.

Nothing unusual. Except a dead dog by the wayside you missed that fought for its life with two demons that rose from hell only to be saved by an army of angels riding ghostly horses that filled the sky so thick you couldn’t see a meter ahead of you. So much that the highway was enveloped in a fog that was a single horses’ mane.

The entire world could have ended that day. And yet you shrugged it off as an everyday fog. Because why not? Who told you there was a world-ending catastrophe happening right next to your car-window?
No one.
You have no reason to know.
No reason to care.

You do not know the progenitor, why should you know of the cause, or the effect?
If you have done nothing wrong, why would you be cursed?
No reason.


It has been a while since I uploaded a piece last! Sorry! It hasn't been because I've stopped writing them, I just haven't dedicated the time to focus on one enough to upload it. Also, I feel I've put less focus on them recently so the quality has dropped a bit. But this one's alright!
There's a fairly neat story about this one too. Partly, it came from a fascination of curses and playing The Witcher and watching Bakemonogatari, and I wrote the first few lines of this. Then I forgot about it and came home after literally driving on a highway in enveloping fog and wrote the rest.
Dunno where the demon dogs and angels came from. That was sort of a spur of the moment thing. But I think it works?
At least the theme is interesting.